Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Full RK3066 Technical Reference Manual found!

Thanks to Omegamoon, who found it, here is the full RK3066 Technical Reference Manual, 1142 pages and 26MB of completely necessary data for opensource development on this platform.


It is the same file found in chinese websites and named as "Rockchip RK30xx TRM V2.0.pdf"

And here is the full folder shared with more RK29 and RK30 documents:




  1. Hi, I am working on a project which need to choose one of RK2928, RK3168, RK3188 to work on. I will develop based on Linux. So, it will be very helpful if you know the status of Linux port of the above processors. I especially want to know the stability of core, toolchain and the driver support of the builtin peripheral.

    It will be greatly appreicate if you can help. Thanks very much.

    1. From my point-of-view the RK3066 (http://hwswbits.blogspot.com/2013/05/unofficial-new-3036-kernel-for-picuntu.html) is currently more stable than RK3188 in what refers to Linux kernel.
      I don't know about RK2928

  2. Hi Galland
    I'm successfully running Arch linux on my MK808B device thanks to your kernel branch (3.0.36).
    I tried Omegamoon too but I got stuck with two penguins on the sceen and nothing more.

    My device runs with a rk903 wifi and it is impossible to make it work.
    I did some craziness like taking the firmware (.bin and nvram .cal) from android and loading them in bmc40181 driver, of course with no success.

    Is there any progress on this issue?

    I can boot into android again if needed. I have got some dmesg and logcat from it
    I can help testing anything you ask if you could help..

    thanks a lot

    here is the most relevant part in android's dmesg

    ] .443.. MMC0 receive the message No-Media from VOLD. waitTimes=0 [sd_mmc]
    ] .412.. MMC0 receive the message sd-Idle-Unmounted from VOLD.[sd_mmc]
    ] Current WiFi chip is RK903.
    ] DWC_OTG: dwc_otg_hcd_connect_detect schedule delaywork, hprt 0x00001000, grfstatus 0x00000000
    ] DWC_OTG: dwc_otg_hcd_enable, disable host controller
    ] DWC_OTG: PortPower off
    ] warning: `zygote' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)
    ] alarm_set_rtc: no RTC, time will be lost on reboot
    ] [BT_RFKILL]: bt turn on power
    ] Current WiFi chip is RK903.
    ] init: no such service 'dhcpcd_'
    ] =======================================================
    ] ==== Launching Wi-Fi driver! (Powered by Rockchip) ====
    ] =======================================================
    ] RKWIFI WiFi driver (Powered by Rockchip,Ver 4.23) init.
    ] dhd_module_init: Enter
    ] =========== WLAN placed in POWER ON ========
    ] ANDROID-ERROR) ## wifi_probe
    ] ANDROID-ERROR) wifi_set_power = 1
    ] rk29sdk_wifi_power: 1
    ] rk_serial rk_serial.0: baud:9600
    ] wifi turn on power
    ] ANDROID-ERROR) wifi_set_carddetect = 1
    ] rk29sdk_wifi_set_carddetect:1
    ] mmc1: slot status change detected(0-1)
    ] rk29_sdmmc_change_clk_div..1921.. newDiv=42, newCLK=294Khz [sdio]
    ] Linux Kernel SDIO/MMC Driver

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  4. Hi Galland

    I am successfully running arch linux on my mk808b device thanks to your 3.0.36 kernel branch.

    I have also tried omegamoon kernel but it got stuck on boot with two penguing on screen..

    I would like to know if is there any progress on RK903 wifi driver for this device. I have tried almost everything, even some crasiness like getting the firmware and nvram and configuring them on bcm40181 module... of course it didn't work...

    I would like some help and I make myself free to test anything you ask.
    Please take a look and android's full dmesg here https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6026750
    there are some interesting parts like this one:
    Fianl fw_path=/system/etc/firmware/fw_RK903b2.bin
    Fianl nv_path=/system/etc/firmware/nvram_RK903_26M.cal

    I copied this files from android and placed them in /lib/firmware, also changed the firmware path on drivers/net/wireless/rkwifi/rk_wifi_config.c
    #define ANDROID_FW_PATH "/lib/firmware/"

    still nothing

    any help would be great

    thanks a lot

    1. Hi, I wisth I could be of help but Omegamoon (outstanding developer) has done almost everything to support the internal wifi on that stick, without success :S
      It could be a mismatch in the power/reset pins used in the source and in the real stick to handle the RK903, but if Omegamoon isn't able... neither me, sorry

    2. Gabriel, check this thread :)