Monday, June 10, 2013

Disassembling .uu files

Quick post to not forget this procedure :)

Let's say we have a .uu file that is a "uu-encoded" (a kind of hex encoding of a binary file) compiled object file, for example:

In order to peek into its internals we would have to download it and:

1) Decode the file:
 uudecode rk3x_kernel_3.0.36/arch/arm/mach-rk30/ddr.uu -o ddr.o

2) Disassemble it with the specific ARM toolchain:
toolchains/android-toolchain-eabi/arm-eabi/bin/objdump -d ddr.o > disassembled-ddr.asm

The latest version (4.8) of the Linaro ARM toolchain can be downloaded from this place (thanks Omegamoon):

The result is at dissasembled-ddr.asm and, for the above ddr.uu, can be seen here.

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