Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rockchip RK1000-S

UPDATE 2013/08/16: RK1000S datasheet here

Brief post to explain my findings about the RK1000-S chip present on my Measy U2C RK3066 stick:

RK1000-S TV Out and Audio CODEC chip on Measy U2C stick

From the probable schematics of the Ramos W9, we see the video data lines (LCD_D*) coming out of the RK2818 CPU go to three different places:
- an LCD connector, uninteresting,
- a chip labelled ANX7150, whouse output is the HDMI connector
- the RK1000-S chip, whose outputs are the headphones and the TV Out

Hence, the RK1000-S, that up until now I had supposed was an HDMI transmitter, is actually only an Audio CODEC chip with TV Out functionality, with no HDMI capabilities whatsoever.

I should have arrived to this conclusion earlier, since the RK3066 actually is able to drive the HDMI output by itself (see p.14).

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